Simon-Kucher Digital Solutions: overview of software and tools

January 17, 2017

Price management tool

Simon-Kucher’s software solutions

Simon-Kucher’s Digital Solutions team provides a broad range of professional decision support tools and dashboards. They assist our consulting teams throughout their project work, or are custom-made for our clients during the project to fit their specific needs. We also have ready-to-use software products that we sell to our clients for their use in pricing, marketing or sales decisions.

Our tools are designed to make our clients' life easier, not more complex. They focus on the task at hand and are integrated into their – often very complex – system landscape in a pragmatic manner. All our solutions are geared towards the future and our changing work environments and habits: We design mobile, cloud-based, and flexible pieces of software that deliver meaningful results when and where our clients need them.

Selected software solutions


Simon-Kucher Digital Solutions DashboardsWe work with major BI platforms to conduct advanced analysis and generate in-depth insights from pricing, sales and marketing data. With our dashboards, our clients get implementation support for our recommendations, can track progress easily, and measure success in real time.


Price management tools

Simon-Kucher Digital Solutions price management toolsWhile many of our recommendations work with existing pricing and ERP platforms, some clients need specific price management tools for their innovative pricing strategies. We provide software that allows clients to optimize their prices on an ongoing basis, using innovative methodologies and approaches.


Sales change management tools

Simon-Kucher Digital Solutions sales change management toolsThe transformation of a (sales) organization is a major task, and more often than not it requires flexibility to accommodate unforeseen things. Therefore, our solutions and applications allow sales reps to easily manage, plan and implement changes, such as migrating customers from one price system to another.


Signature tools

Simon-Kucher Digital Solutions signature toolsOver the years, we have developed proven methodologies. Examples include defining prices for new products, determining willingness-to-pay and evaluating competitive strategies. Our methodologies are available as decision support tools that can be used by our clients and seamlessly integrated into their workflows.


Get in touch with our Digital Solutions Team to get more information about Simon-Kucher’s software offering. Our experts are happy to assist you.