Digitalization in the travel industry

By Dimitris Hiotis , Damien Robert and Annette Ehrhardt

Personalized experiences: The vacations of tomorrow

Digitalization is no new trend for the travel industry. The traditional...

Digitalization in the automotive industry

By Volker Handing , Matthias Riemer and Annette Ehrhardt

Automotive: OEMs need to put the customer in the driver’s seat

Connectivity, assisted driving, and e-mobility are just three...

Renewable energy for everyone?

By Dr. Thomas Haller , Christoph Petzoldt , Eva Feenstra and Viktoria Patsios

Becoming the consumer’s obvious choice
Driven by an upsurge in new technologies, people are looking for sustainable ways to...

Digitalization in the chemical industry

By Dr. Andrea Maessen , Sebastian Strasmann and Annette Ehrhardt

Chemicals: Missing ingredients in the digital success formula

All major chemical companies have their digital initiatives...

Digitalization in the media industry

By Lisa Jaeger and Annette Ehrhardt

Publishers: Remove the blindfold and take a good look at your digital readers!

After two decades battling with online...