Simon-Kucher Inaugural China B2B Pricing Strategy Forum: The Formula for Profitable Growth

2:00 pm - 5:30 pm

Four Seasons Hotel Shanghai, Jing'an Qu 200041 Shanghai Shi, China



The afternoon program will be dedicated to strategies and best practices in B2B businesses in China and provide essential insights and examples of successful B2B marketing strategies on how to achieve profitable growth.

Hosted by Simon-Kucher’s Beijing office, Prof. Hermann Simon and experts from Simon-Kucher will speak on lessons from Germany’s best unknown world market leaders and present expert knowledge on the latest B2B marketing and pricing strategies in China. Our guest speakers from the industry will discuss current operational and strategic needs in revenue management and share insights on pricing challenges and approaches.

With this forum Simon-Kucher would like to provide an opportunity for participants to network with industry peers, exchange views and discuss the formula for profitable growth.