Company Profile

  • Business unit with approx. €400m revenues p.a.
  • Software and IT outsourcing company
  • Mainly governmental sales

Situation and Objectives

  • Increased competition from smaller, more agile companies
  • Too much “gold plating” of the proposed solutions leading to high prices and a poor conversion of proposals and tenders
  • Product centered tender process


  • Conduct analysis on past deals and derive KPIs, such as hit rate
  • Identify reasons for winning/losing deals (incl. in-depth customer interviews)
  • Develop blueprint for new tender management process for sales and apply with selected live tenders


  • Customer–centric tender process established
  • Adherence to tender process guaranteed through new obligatory processes and templates
  • Much higher transparency early in the tender process about approximate winning probabilities
  • Conversation of live tenders 25ppt higher than expected
  • Detailed plan to upsell accounts before the tender is submitted


  • Increased conversion of tenders (20ppt higher than expected for live tenders)
  • Boosted revenues through upsell due to minimalistic offer approach instead of “gold-plating”
  • Overall, more effective and efficient bidding process

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